10 Things Only Corgi Owners Understand

10 Things Only Corgi Owners Understand

From their amusing antics to their surprising quirks, here are ten things that every Corgi owner will nod along to, knowing all too well the joys and challenges these charming canines bring into our lives.


Owning a Corgi is a unique adventure filled with peculiarities that only fellow Corgi parents can truly appreciate. From their amusing antics to their surprising quirks, here are ten things that every Corgi owner will nod along to, knowing all too well the joys and challenges these charming canines bring into our lives.

1. The Corgi "Butt Wiggle"

There's nothing quite like the wiggle of a Corgi's backside to brighten your day. This distinctive shake, often accompanied by a happy trot, is a signature move that melts hearts and garners smiles from all who witness it.

Examples and Tips:

  • Capture the Moment: Keep your camera ready for this adorable display. These moments are perfect for sharing with fellow Corgi lovers.

2. The Shedding Season Never Ends

For Corgi owners, vacuuming is not just a chore; it's a lifestyle. The amount of fur these little dogs can shed is nothing short of miraculous, leaving one to wonder how they're not bald.

Examples and Tips:

  • Invest in a Good Vacuum: Look for pet-specific vacuum cleaners designed to handle fur with ease.
  • Regular Grooming: Keep up with brushing to help manage the furry fallout.

3. The Corgi Sploot

Only Corgi owners truly understand the "sploot" – that adorable stretch where their legs splay out flat behind them. It's a pose that's as comical as it is endearing and quintessentially Corgi.

Examples and Tips:

  • Sploot Spotting: Celebrate the sploot! It's a sign of a relaxed and content Corgi.

4. Herding Everything That Moves

Corgis have a strong herding instinct, which means anything that moves could be fair game. From children to other pets, Corgis often try to round up the household with determination and gusto.

Examples and Tips:

  • Channel the Energy: Engage your Corgi in activities that satisfy their herding instincts, like agility courses or herding balls.

5. The Corgi Stare

Corgi owners know the power of the Corgi stare. Whether they're begging for a bite of your meal or wanting attention, those big, expressive eyes are hard to resist.

Examples and Tips:

  • Stay Strong: Remember, giving in too often can lead to bad habits. Use the stare as a training opportunity.

6. Their Surprising Bark

For such small dogs, Corgis have a surprisingly loud and deep bark. This vocal prowess makes them excellent watchdogs, alerting you to anything and everything around.

Examples and Tips:

  • Bark Control: Teach your Corgi when it's appropriate to bark with consistent training and commands.

7. The Corgi Waddle

The way a Corgi walks – a sort of confident, happy waddle – is uniquely theirs. This charming gait is a result of their short legs and long body, making every walk an event.

Examples and Tips:

  • Embrace the Waddle: Enjoy these walks, as they're not only good exercise but also great for bonding.

8. Nap Time Is Any Time

Corgis have a special talent for falling asleep in the most unexpected places and positions. Their ability to doze off just about anywhere is both baffling and adorable.

Examples and Tips:

  • Cozy Corners: Ensure your Corgi has comfortable spots throughout your home for these spontaneous naps.

9. They're Smarter Than You Think

Never underestimate a Corgi's intelligence. They're quick learners who often use their smarts to outwit their owners, whether it's figuring out how to open doors or outsmarting you for treats.

Examples and Tips:

  • Keep Them Challenged: Use puzzle toys and regular training sessions to keep their minds sharp.

10. The Unconditional Love

Above all, Corgi owners understand the depth of love and companionship these dogs offer. Their loyalty, affection, and joyous spirits make all the quirks and challenges absolutely worth it.

Examples and Tips:

  • Cherish Every Moment: Take time to appreciate the unique bond you share with your Corgi.


Owning a Corgi is a journey filled with laughter, a bit of fur, and a lot of love. These ten experiences only scratch the surface of what it means to share your life with a Corgi. From the signature butt wiggle to their unwavering loyalty, Corgis have a way of filling our lives with joy and our hearts with love. They teach us to embrace the simple pleasures, like enjoying a good sploot or the happiness found in a leisurely waddle down the street. Every day with a Corgi is an adventure, a challenge, and a blessing rolled into one furry, lovable package. So, to all the Corgi owners out there, here's to the quirks, the cuddles, and the countless memories still to come. May we always be as brave and as kind as our four-legged friends believe us to be.

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